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Minnesota treatment centers is an online directory of substance abuse treatment centers, located in Minnesota. We have sorted the treatment centers by city, addiction type, payment type, and services offered. We pride ourselves in connecting people with the best treatment program for you or your loved one. If you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol problem, please don't hesitate to contact any of these facilities through our directory.

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Minnesota Drug Treatment Centers

With a population of approximately 5.2 million residents, Minnesota (MN) is the 21st most populated state in the country. Saint Paul is the capital of the state and Minneapolis is by far the largest city. Minnesota is highly concentrated in one area with approximately 60% of it's residents living in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area, commonly referred to as the Twin Cities.

Minnesota is primarily known as a leading fur trading and agricultural powerhouse. These remain important to Minnesota's economy, with Minnesota being the leading producer in sugar beets, sweet corns, green peas, and farm-raised turkeys. However, less than 1% of Minnesota's population is employed by these industries. Minnesota's economy is now mainly driven by the business sector and is home to the headquarters of Target, UnitedHealth Group, General Mills, Best Buy, and Valspar.

Despite the successful economic environment, Minnesota consistently ranks in the top of the country in admissions rates for drug and alcohol abuse. Large quantities of drugs are shipped across the Mexican border into California and Texas and then north to Minnesota. Cocaine, crack, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines, and prescription drugs all remain available throughout the state.

Minnesota treatment centers is a directory of over 200 substance abuse treatment centers in Minnesota that specialize in drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation. Our goal is to provide you the necessary information to make an educated decision on treatment for either yourself or a loved one. To contact any of the facilities within our directory simply fill out the form on the facility page.

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